R. Bliss Mishler, MS, PT is a physical therapist-turned medical writer.

In 1995 she graduated with honors from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MS,PT). She went on to specialize in orthopedics and dance medicine.

Fourteen years into her clinical practice she took on some writing work for a large neurosurgical practice in New York City. What started out as a fun side job eventually morphed into a full-time medical writing career.

After twenty years in clinical practice, Bliss finally took her PT shingle down–and her aching hands and sore back have never felt better.

Today, Bliss is a Co-Founder at Coffee Break Medical Marketing where she writes about content marketing and web writing for medical practices. She still writes for that neurosurgery practice–in fact, now she edits and manages a whole team of writers for them.

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